TOPCon Series


High Efficiency N-TOPCon Bifacial Solar Module

High efficient N-TOPCon module adopts N-Type silicon wafer equipped with TOPCon cell technology, which has the performance advantages in low power degradation, low temperature coefficient and excellent low light performance. It will obtain higher power generation income for terminals, and reduce the logistics fees and BOS under the same transportation and installation conditions, and effectively reduce LCOE with excellent power generation.


  • Lower LID and LETID ensure long-term returns
  • Thinner busbars reduces shadow and conduction distance, increasing nominal power
  • Double layers of anti-reflection glasses increase light transmittance and effectively improve nominal power
  • Up to 80% bifacial factor gains 10%-30% extra generation in different scenarios


BN144 - 560~580
BN156 - 610~630